Conrat Faust

Conrat Faust is a thief and a liar born in the town of Zweibrücken around 2503 I.C.

Conrat is a lean young man of medium height with a tendency to be skinny. He has short red hair, freckles on his face, shoulders and back and usually a friendly smile, being a likeable enough fellow. He has small white marks on his left cheek and neck, and he has larger marks on his left arm. They are in fact scald marks from boiling water.

Personal history:
Conrat was raised by his mother Helga, after his father Albrecht joined the Imperial Army to make some coin. They never heard from him again, and Conrat has since he was a boy dreamt of the heroic death his father surely must have had.

His mother began providing 'services' to men in town, and after wounding a man with a knife, after he beat her, they had to flee. They came to the settlement around the coaching inn Winterbach. At the inn his mother met the dashing adventurer Simon von Goldhafen and ran away with him when Conrat was 11.

Conrat grew up at the inn working as a servant. One night the inn was attacked by a large bands of outlaws during a harsh winter, and the proprietor Gerhard was killed during the defence.

Gerhards brother - Theodricus - inherited the inn, and he was an entirely different sort, who turned the coaching inn into a place where highwaymen and outlaws came to sell their goods and spend their cash. Conrat worked in the kitchen and ran errands, and slowly became acquainted with the seedier side of life.

In the kitchen the chef Olmer ruled, and he was a vicious bastard. One day during an argument, Olmert flung a pot of boiling water at Conrat and scalede him badly.

It turned out that Conrat had deft hands, and he began learning how to help cheat at dice and cards. Beatings and brawls were common, and one day Conrat had enough. He poisoned the cook with arsenic and stole a good deal of money from Theodricus before stealing a horse and fleeing.

Not long after he met Otto von Grieg and his party…

Bad habits:
Opportunistic: Conrat has a hard time resisting easy money
Vengeful: Conrat gets back against people who have sleighted him or done him harm, if he can.

Servant, Thief

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